There’s a special appeal to authentic American tintypes, an original art form. Professionally-operated old-time photo parlors are popular whenever history, particularly American history, is on display. They are a profitable sideline at many museums, fairs and Civil War reenactments. With Tintype Parlor you can make authentic dry-plate tintypes and ambrotypes with your camera. Tintypes are available in kits and bulk with and without chemistry.

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Tintype Parlor Kit
Our Tintype Parlor© is an authentic re-creation of the tintype process, a type of “instant” photogra..
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Bulk Tintype Kit 4x5
The Bulk Kit contains 40 4"x 5" black aluminum plates, 8oz AG-Plus emulsion, spe..
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Bulk Tintype Kit 8x10
The Bulk Kit contains 10 8x10" black aluminum plates, 8oz AG-Plus emulsion, special three-..
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Tintype and Ambrotype Developer
Specially formulated three-part developer that gives the appearance of a positive image on..
10 Tintype Plates 4x5
4x5" Tintype Plates contains 10 matte black aluminum plates ready for coating. Now comes with thinne..
10 Tintype Plates 8x10
8x10" Tintype Plates contains 10 black aluminum plates ready for coating. They can be easily trimmed..