SelectaColor Four-Color kit
SelectaColor Four-Color kit SelectaColor Four-Color kit
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SelectaColor© is a light exposed paint which produces brilliant color prints on wood, metal, plastics, paper and most other materials. No darkroom or special equipment is needed, use sunlight or a bulb for exposure. Images consist of solid pigments not fugitive dyes, so prints are permanent. Colors can be blended together for intermediate hues, hand-applied separately in the same print or applied in sequence for multicolor prints. The process consists of just three steps performed under diffuse room light: brush on sensitizer, expose through a transparency and develop with water to reveal the brilliant positive image. Uses of SelectaColor: Color prints on glass, metal, wood, paper and other materials. Labels, nameplates and placques on metal and wood. Makes quick-color proofs for standard printing processes. The four-color kit contains 4 oz. each red, yellow, blue and black. Two ounces covers approx 1 sq. foot. New formulation for brighter better dispersed pigments.

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