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Alternative Photography Kit
Most of the classic photographic processes can be duplicated with this kit. Contains FA-1, Blue..
Copper-based bleach that can be used either as a bleach or (with fixer added) a reducer.   ..
Inkjet Transfer Paper, dry iron-on
The iron-on image is printed with an inkjet printer then transferred by pressing the paper onto..
Inkjet Transfer Paper, wet decal
The decal image is printed on an inkjet printer and the paper is sprayed or painted with lacque..
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Kodak Dektol
A favorite developer for Rockland emulsions, having good contrast and density. Works on all papers.&..
Kodak Fixer
A hypo-based hardening fixer for general use with Rockland emulsion. Makes 1 gallon.   &n..
Liquid Emulsion Kit
This kit has all that you need to process emulsion prints; plus toners for color. Contains 8oz&..