Halo-Chrome Silver Toner 8oz
Brand: Rockland Colloid LLC
Product Code: HC8
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Halo-Chrome© transforms black-and-white paper prints into pure metallic silver. (Effect: A black tree framed against a white sky: the tree becomes solid silver while the sky remains white.) Used along with Printint, it gives silver-on-color. Halo-Chrome can also be used to produce a black image against a silver background. (Effect: A black tree against a white sky: the sky becomes solid silver while the tree remains black.) On glossy papers Halo-Chrome gives a mirror-finish and on matte papers a brushed-silver finish. The print can also be dyed with Printint for a silver-on-color effect. The half-pint size tones 40 8x10 inch prints. (The user supplies household ammonia, as explained in the instructions.)




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